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Buchman’s Thrill Ride – the Magazine (BTRM) is seeking a Columnist specializing in thriller and action-adventure.

Who we are

BTRM is a quarterly, themed, anthology magazine dedicated to action-adventure and thriller short fiction. More info at:

Upcoming Themes


  • 06 Sisters-in-arms
  • 07 Gadgets
  • 08 Adventure
  • 09 Lone Wolves

  • 10 Secrets
  • 11 Fast Cars
  • 12 Sidekicks
  • 13 Spies

What we are looking for

We launched in 2023 with brief topical essays by the editor along the lines of, Why I chose this theme. The first year was focused on the fiction and the logistics.

In Year Two and beyond, BTRM is hoping to add a non-fiction column on a regular basis, open for someone knowledgeable in action-adventure and thriller literature to commit journalism.

The focus can be manifold: great fiction on the theme, a riff on the theme itself, a historical perspective on the relevance or evolution of each theme, personal experience that adds depth to the theme, etc. We’re wide open to suggestions.

The editor will continue to create a separate introduction including why a theme was chosen and a Summary of Stories section. The person committing journalism would be expanding the horizons of the theme for the readers.

How we work

BTRM pays a share of royalties based on an annual Kickstarter subscription drive and follow-on retail royalty share over time. Net income after actual direct costs (mostly printing and shipping print volumes), is split 75% to the writers and 25% to the publisher (the publisher covers all creation costs and effort from that share).

BTRM takes exclusive rights for 90 days from publication and non-exclusive world rights on-going so that the magazine may remain in print. As a non-fiction column, we would like the same 90 days, with the writer able to reprint/republish wide after that time with a credit back to the magazine as First published in…

Indie Publishing is a place where discoverability is the single hardest hurdle to overcome. BTRM is not expecting to make anyone rich, but to provide another channel whereby fans of one person discover works by the rest of the authors, with the hope that we will cross-pollinate one another for sales.

If this sounds like fun, please contact us at the e-dress below, include your qualifications, and we can go deeper into the details and how you might join us!

Matt Buchman

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